Courses and Workshops

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F = Foundational course
I = Introductory course
A = Advanced course
W = Workshop


Language and Computation


Stefan Evert and Gabriella Lapesa. Hands-on Distributional Semantics – From first steps to interdisciplinary applications (Introductory course) F

Mathias Winther Madsen. Information theory F

Jose Camacho Collados and Mohammad Taher Pilehvar. Embeddings in Natural Language Processing I

Gregory Scontras. Probabilistic Language Understanding I

Jean-Philippe Bernardy and Aleksandre Maskharashvili. Probabilistic Semantics and Inference Under Uncertainty in Natural Language I

Lisa Beinborn and Willem Zuidema. Analyzing the Cognitive Plausibility of Deep Language Models A

Adina Williams and Ryan Cotterell. Information Theory in Linguistics: Methods and Applications A

Stergios Chatzikyriakidis and Rainer Osswald. Workshop on Computing Semantics with Types, Frames and Related Structures W

Shane Steinert-Threlkeld and Jakub Szymanik. Computational and Experimental Explanations in Semantics and Pragmatics W

Ielka van der Sluis and James Pustejovsky. Annotation, Recognition and Evaluation of Actions II (AREA-II) W


Logic and Language


Bart Geurts. Commitment-based pragmatics F

Philippe de Groote and Yoad Winter. Introduction to natural language formal semantics F

Thomas Graf. The Computational Nature of Language F

Andras Kornai. Unifying formulaic, geometric, and algebraic theories of semantics I

Patrick Georg Grosz and Mélissa Berthet. Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Animal Semantics: a Super Linguistic Introduction I

Natasha Korotkova and Pranav Anand. An opinionated guide to the language of opinion I

Yael Greenberg and Carla Umbach. Additivity, scalarity and the interactions between them: Beyond 'also' and 'even' I

Joost Zwarts. The semantics of metaphor I

Elsi Kaiser and Deniz Rudin. The semantics and psycholinguistics of subjective predicates I

Jakub Dotlačil and Floris Roelofsen. Dynamic inquisitive semantics A

Kristina Liefke and Ede Zimmermann. Intensionalism and Propositionalism in Linguistic Semantics A

Davide Grossi and Carlo Proietti. Abstract Argumentation and Modal Logic A

Lucas Champollion. Advanced mereology for linguists A

Judith Degen, Benjamin Spector and Daniel Lassiter. Approaches to implicature: Rational choice and/or exhaustification W

Mora Maldonado, Alexander Martin and Jennifer Culbertson. Experimental approaches to language universals in structure and meaning W


Logic and Computation


Pablo Barceló and Diego Figueira. Foundations of query languages for graph databases I

Valentin Goranko. Temporal Logics I

Réka Markovich and Leon van der Torre. Introduction to Deontic Logic and Its Applications (Introductory course) I

Pavel Naumov. Actions, Blames, and Regrets I

Camillo Fiorentini. Sematics based proof-search methods for non-classical logics I

Eric Pacuit. Probabilistic methods in social choice I

Willem Heijltjes and Lutz Straßburger. From Proof Nets to Combinatorial Proofs — A new approach to Hilbert’s 24th problem A

Phokion Kolaitis. Logic, Data, and Incomplete Information A

Anuj Dawar and Gregory Wilsenach. Symmetric Computation A

Fei Liang and Alessandra Palmigiano. Logical foundations of categorization theory A

Tadeusz Litak and Albert Visser. Lewis meets Brouwer: Constructive strict implication A

Jouko Väänänen and Fan Yang. Workshop on Logics of Dependence and Independence W

Natasha Alechina and Brian Logan. Workshop on automated synthesis W



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