First Week

WEEK 1 (August 2-6, 2021)

F = Foundational course
I = Introductory course
A = Advanced course
W = Workshop

Language and Computation

Mathias Winther Madsen. Information theory. (F)
Gregory Scontras. Probabilistic Language Understanding. (I)
Mark Steedman and Cem Bozşahin. CCG and Linguistic Diversity. (I)
David Schlangen. Natural Language Semantics with Pictures: An Introduction to Working with Language and Vision Corpora. (I)
Simon Charlow and Dylan Bumford. Effectful composition in natural language semantics. (A)
Lisa Beinborn and Willem Zuidema. Analyzing the Cognitive Plausibility of Deep Language Models. (A)
Ielka van der Sluis and James Pustejovsky. Annotation, Recognition and Evaluation of Actions II. (W)
Kordula De Kuthy and Detmar Meurers. Integrating Perspectives on Discourse Annotation. (W)

Logic and Language

Philippe de Groote and Yoad Winter. Introduction to natural language formal semantics. (F)
Yael Greenberg and Carla Umbach. Additivity, scalarity and the interactions between them: Beyond 'also' and 'even'. (I)
Andras Kornai. Unifying formulaic, geometric, and algebraic theories of semantics. (I)
Natasha Korotkova and Pranav Anand. An opinionated guide to predicates of personal taste. (I)
Joost Zwarts. The semantics of metaphor. (I)
Kristina Liefke and Ede Zimmermann. Intensionalism and Propositionalism in Linguistic Semantics. (A)
Davide Grossi and Carlo Proietti. Abstract Argumentation and Modal Logic. (A)
Mora Maldonado, Alexander Martin and Jennifer Culbertson. Experimental approaches to language universals in structure and meaning. (W)

Logic and Computation

Thomas Graf. The Computational Nature of Language. (F)
Camillo Fiorentini. Semantics based proof-search methods for non-classical logics. (I)
Réka Markovich and Leon van der Torre. Introduction to Deontic Logic and Its Applications. (I)
Pavel Naumov. Actions, Blames, and Regrets. (I)
Willem Heijltjes and Lutz Straßburger. From Proof Nets to Combinatorial Proofs: A new approach to Hilbert's 24th problem. (A)
Anuj Dawar and Gregory Wilsenach. Symmetric Computation. (A)
Tadeusz Litak and Albert Visser. Lewis meets Brouwer: Constructive strict implication. (A)
Natasha Alechina and Brian Logan. Workshop on automated synthesis. (W)

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